We have just activated one of the largest roof-mounted solar energy systems in the region. Installed by Plymouth Solar energy, our system generates more than 203,000 kilowatt-hours of clean electricity each year and is expected to be generating electricity thirty years from now. Eversource, our utility, had to install new street transformers to handle the energy from our building that is now going out to the grid.

Fred Paris, of Plymouth Solar Energy, explained that the North American products selected for us are warranted for at least 80% of original electrical output 25 years from now – 2043 – and, if our building is still standing, the manufacturer implies a longer life can be expected.

The environmental effect of our decision to install solar energy is impressive. Using measurements from the EPA, our solar array will reduce its carbon footprint by 151 metric tons of greenhouse gas, equivalent to driving 370,000 miles, or burning 166,000 pounds of coal, every year of operation.

We will continue to lower our energy cost by addressing the supply of energy with solar, as well as energy consumption or electrical usage. Our strategies for lowering consumption include lighting retrofits, motor upgrades, heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, and other improvements all moving us closer to a Net Zero facility.

As we take steps on both supply and consumption; we strive to set a community example in hopes that this initiative inspires others to take similar steps toward a cleaner world.

Curious to see how much energy we generate?

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